Digital Boardroom Advisor



Often times the digital, marketing, IT and legal departments are managed in silos but in today’s complex global digital world, these subject areas overlap. To be prepared for future threats, know what questions to ask, as well as consider how the digital future may change, you need to have a healthy digital operation and ensure your board is getting the right advice.

We offer objective and independent external expertise to evaluate the health of your digital organization and help you ask the right questions of your management team. This service can include interviews with key stakeholders across sectors and a study of how all facets of the digital experience are being managed inside your company. Using our proprietary Digital Mapping® Tool, we work with your senior executives to understand how all facets of digital are managed and visually map it across the organization, as well as benchmark it against what key competitors are doing. This mapping exercise becomes a baseline to make important decisions about management, oversight and strategy to ensure you don’t miss important opportunities or threats to your future.   We then work with you and your board to develop a plan, strategy and formulate the right questions to ensure digital threats and opportunities are addressed before it's too late.  

Digital Retreats


If you have not spent a lot of time addressing digital in your board meetings, it may be time to schedule a half-day or full-day retreat to fully debrief on how your company is managing these threats and opportunities and how it approaches a holistic digital strategy. Board agendas are already packed with little time for additional information, so carving out a day to spend just on this issue may be extremely valuable in defining your role in overseeing digital and understanding the current state of digital intelligence in your organization. A sample agenda:

  • Cybersecurity. Get a briefing and review of the company plan (how you are preparing, practicing, and improving on a continual basis)
  • Digital threats
  • Digital opportunities
  • Data and how it’s used across the organization
  • Forecasting the future based upon the signals and data o Audit, prepare, practice in action
  • Social-media training for board members
    • Do’s and don’ts
    • Privacy threats
    • Changing settings on smart devices and social media networks to protect you from yourselves

We are happy to include event planning for off-site locations to maximize your opportunity for leadership development among your board members or coordinate with other off-site meetings you may be scheduling.

Digital Board Training & Coaching

If your board members are looking for one-on-one or small group coaching on how to carefully manage privacy and be mindful of cybersecurity threats across their personal and professional use of social media, mobile and the internet of things, we offer tailored coaching with a licensed attorney so that all conversations and discussions are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Most of us don’t want to admit when we don’t know something or may not be up to speed on the latest technology, particularly when it comes to the increasing exposure and risks. We provide personalized and private coaching to help your board members develop their own personal best practices to mitigate risks and protect their privacy with a deep understanding of the role of directors and their fiduciary duty to stakeholders of the company and the public. 

Form a Digital Committee

As boards face increasing threats from digital obsolescence to cybersecurity, the need for a board committee to focus on these threats and opportunities has never been more great. We work with your board to define the role of digital on the board and the type of oversight required. We interview your senior executives to build a solid baseline and methodology for consistently reporting to the board:

  • The CMO, on marketing and how the consumer is connecting to the company in the digital world
  • The CIO or CTO, to ensure that the cybersecurity plan is in place, tested, and continually improving
  • The CLO, on how privacy, intellectual property, and Internet policy are being considered
  • The CEO, providing insights into the future strategy of the company and on signals of change that are coming
  • The CDO, to report directly on how the company is building a holistic approach to digital

Over this one year program, we help you define the role of the company, set expectations for senior executives and prepare for using the information on an ongoing basis. 

Digital Futurecasting

Predicting the future is never an exact science. No one has a crystal ball or a time machine, at least not yet. But we can look to signals and understand them both internally from data sets we have and externally with signals that can predict shifts coming. This is what digital now provides us in the boardroom. We bring your key leaders together in a series of strategic planning sessions to evaluate how you currently integrate digital functions and map it against competitors and future trends. Over a series of sessions, we help you spot issues and create a strategic plan to align these functions and consider future trends that may impact your company. Our specialty is understanding the impact of all facets of the organization and how digital will impact the bottom line in the future. We use tools like evaluating patents filed by competitors, mapping key technology sectors, studying web content and trends to identity threats and opportunities. 

Speaking at Luncheons & Events

If you need a dynamic speaker to shake up your team to think about the future and what’s coming in a changing digital world, Jen Wolfe offers insightful commentary, stories of companies who failed to see changes, best practices and key takeaway points in an engaging and friendly approach. We’re happy to customize the discussion to your company and specific needs.  For videos by Jen, check out our You Tube Channel at Dot Brand 360.